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I married my best friend.

One year ago today, davidoflondon and forestgreenivy promised to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. Well, to be honest, I want to love and cherish my David for eternity.

It's our oneth anniversary and I couldn't be happier. I am going to ramble on and on and on about my beautiful David because it's my anniversary and I'll ramble if I want to.

I just can't tell you how much I love my David. He is so gorgeous. We reminisce about things from our past, like our first conversations on the phone and meeting at Gatwick for the first time. I remember how he looked adorable on webcam but when I saw him in person at Gatwick I fell even more in love with him. You couldn't see on webcam that he has some freckles on his face and arms and that just makes me swoon. David is SO sexy, so gorgeous, so cute, so very adorable, and so completely handsome. Sometimes I'm just blown away when I look at him and see how handsome he is. His medium brown eyes are the most beautiful colour in the world.

He's so completely brilliant and talented. Unfortunately because he is brilliant and talented he doesn't always get recognised and instead gets punished for that. Like he can do jobs in half the time of "normal" people and therefore the bosses, who don't think of anything else, just assume he's slacking off. But he's not. He just happened to work things out quicker. I love how his mind works, I love to input an idea or thought in his head and see him think it through and then listen to his opinion about it. He's so careful about things, not one to jump to conclusions. He's got a patient, analytical brain.

His sense of humour. I love his sense of humour. It is one thing that attracted me to him in the first place, when I started reading his journal back in June 2010. I could see the intelligence shine through his words and his lovely, wry sense of humour sang to my soul. I love it. He makes me laugh, sometimes even when I don't want to.

He's a darling little geek... long before being a geek was cool. He loves his sci-fi books and movies and TV shows, he loves his comic books and then he got into world war II when he was in his 30s. He has a maths degree (actually I think it's a math and economics degree) and a history degree that he did basically for the hell of it. At his current job he said he tries to leave at Enterprise time. :-) Oh, he's so damn darling. I love watching military movies with him.

Lest it all sounds so completely rosy, we certainly do have our issues and problems. We do argue, though usually it only happens when we're redecorating the house... or we're facing some of my emotional hangups that I have... but even the arguments... I love him very much. I'll look at him and even if I'm might be just or unjust in my anger at him, I just want to resolve this mess because I love him and I don't want to hurt him. If that makes any sense.

He loves our animals. Lukie loved him very much, and he was like a ferret whisperer when Luke wasn't feeling well. Our tabby boy Kaled has decided he's a daddy's boy... and will follow David around the house, clamouring for his attention. David has a nice calming presence that I do believe animals pick up on. Even animals at the zoo.

He is the exact right person for me. He has put up with a lot of my... I don't know how to put it... mess in my head and emotions. He may be the first and only person I have ever trusted. It took awhile for me to get over the issues from my past but now they are a faded memory, instead of my "reality". I say all this because I am so grateful to him for loving me so much to deal with me.

The only thing I hate is how fast time is flying by. I want it to slow down so I can cherish every single moment with him. But we will be together forever. I don't really ... well, I'm not religious really but because I love animals so much I cannot help but believe there is a heaven type place for their beautiful souls, and therefore there is probably one for us too. And I feel certain that David and I will be together forever, because our love is very strong. I couldn't imagine a day without him. That's just me making a leap of faith, but it's not really going to hurt anyone. I have debated with myself about how we might only tell ourselves these things to make ourselves feel better... but I DO feel that my sweet animals' souls go on to a beautiful place, and so like I said, if they do then there's no reason humans can't either. I do believe in a soul, I do believe it lives forever.

Anyways, I love you so incredibly, very much,davidoflondon. I am so happy being married to you. You make me the happiest and luckiest girl in the entire universe.
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Concert goings

*sigh* It was amazing. Simply amazing and wonderful.

Firstly, our internet was out for nearly 24 hours so that's why I'm only getting around to writing now. I have some pictures to share, which I'll do later because it's late right now. I just wanted to do my write up.

I navigated my way around the Hammersmith underground stop... just sort of blindly walking towards an exit because all exit signs didn't really give me the info I wanted. I figured I'd get there at some point. Turns out the exit I finally found was pretty much the farthest away from the Apollo that you could get. Oh well.

As I approached the place, though, I did manage to get a photo of the marquee so not all was lost. It did start to rain though. UGH. I got in the ticketholders queue and proceeded to become drenched. I was in a somewhat rare chatty mood and no one around me wanted to chat really. There was a couple behind me speaking French and the girl kept singing some lyric off-key in her French accent which was a little annoying. I don't know how long I was in the line... maybe 20 minutes? Anyways, it started to move and then we had to snake around and around and around all these barriers.

I got inside, sweet roof relief, and needed the restroom. I followed some signs to the toilets which was upstairs... and then I saw some concert staff guarding some entrances so I figured they would help me. Turns out I managed to be in exactly the right place, go me. I proceeded to walk all the way up and all the way back of the Apollo, where I was supposed to stand for the next 3+ hours. Oh well, nevermind. I braced myself and tried to while away the time. I tried again to chat with the people next to me but they weren't having it either. Fine. They did, however, chat the the people on the other side of them. Gah. Oh well, there was one guy who kept smiling me from across the room so maybe I'm not a total monster.

I took a few photos, I'll show later, and browsed my phone's internet. Then at 19:51 some guy started walking down the line and giving away tickets to better seats. YES!!!!!!!!!! I moved considerably closer to the stage and it was wonderful to sit.

However. There was some 6 foot 4 inch tall dude in the seat in front of me. I eyeballed the seat across the aisle......... and the concert was taking its time to start. I finally decided to make my move. I got settled and then the damn people showed up. I had to do the whole "Oh, I'm sorry, I must have the wrong seat" song and dance, that we all know was a farce but what the hell. I sheepishly had to go back to the other seat. Drat. Damn tall dude. Oh well.

The gig finally started at 20:23. OH. MY. GOD. AMAZING!!!! It was amazing to see Adam with my own eyeballs. He is incredibly talented. Queen is an awesome band too.

I knew I would never really remember what songs were played in what order. My mind is crap at that lately. :-( But anyway. They rocked to all their great songs and put on a fantastic light/stage show as well. They had fire and smoke and fireworks. The sound was a bit overblown, I thought, and there were some feedback issues from time to time... and frankly... I completely forgot how LOUD this was going to be. I usually stuff some damp cotton in my ears. My ears did ring for a little bit after, but not for too long.

When Roger Taylor came out from behind the drums to sing, I admit, I saw my chance to go potty again. So I went to the restroom again and bought a program. £15. UGH. For crying out lout. And I felt around for creases when she gave it to me and didn't feel anything until after I got back to my seat. The girl was kinda snotty to me too. After the concert I decided to see if they would exchange it, though I knew chances of that would be next to nothing but I thought I should still try it, and she was snotty to me again. Granted they would think *I* did it but I'm sure she sold it to me that way so that sucks. It is partially my fault for not examining it closely. In actuality, the crease isn't too bad. It's in the back. But still. Especially for £15 you would want a very nice one.

I'm so used to a big NO CAMERAS, NO PHOTOS, NO VIDEOING policy that I didn't bring my camera. But guess what? They pretty much can't stop people anymore. Not with cameras on phones. So nearly everyone had their cameras out. I was so distraught that I didn't have one of my actual cameras with me and I was going to have to make do with my mobile. But it's better than nothing. The pictures I'll show you are NOT great but they are MY little souvenir of the show. They're the best I could do. I'm still sad I didn't have a better camera with me.

So about the music. Just awesome. Adam truly has a voice for these kinds of songs. He's got an impressive range and a stage personality that works. He strutted around, gave his attitudes and sang his talented heart out. He started off in that leather jacket with the spikes on the shoulders, and did other costume changes throughout the night. He went to a leather vest, with a black shirt underneath... and for one song he came out in a red "pimp" jacket... OMG. That was fabulous. (There are pictures and video of it I can share next time.) And he wore a black satin blazer on top of the black shirt too. He ended the night in a tan Queen shirt that was studded to embellish the writing. Through it alll he wore leather pants but he started off in leather boots... then went barefoot after halfway through the set.

(Oh hell, here's a video of him in the "pimp" jacket.)

They showed footage of Queen and Freddie is SO freakin' talented too. And you know what I found out today? The guitarist, Brian May, is a supporter for saving wildlife. AWESOME. Queen's awesomness just went up 916 points, and they were pretty up there to start with. Brian May is a FANTASTIC guitarist... and their bassist blew me away with a great solo which is highlighted in the video I just posted above. I do believe it was Roger Taylor's son who supported him on percussion and they did a great solo/duet thing together. Man. SO MUCH TALENT on one stage. Mindboggling.

I know I'm shit for writing this up. While I commited every little detail I could to memory, it is hard to transcribe in a post. Luckily there ARE some videos from that night already online and I'm downloading them. For now I'll just share this one because it's short and the sound isn't overblown.

The show lasted about 2 hours. I called David once I reached the tube platform to go home. This was also my first time driving my car in the dark. I managed just fine. It started raining on me again. David said that it was very fitting I went to a Queen concert and was reigned on.

Oh I had a ball. I was a little sad that at the end when they did their bows... I couldn't get a photo because the person in front of me was waving HIS phone in the air to take a photo. Damn. Well, it's not like it would turn out all that good anyway but still. It really was tricky to get good shots because I only had my mobile but also the stage lighting show would mess with your ability to get a good shot too. When they did their bows the lighting was pretty good.

I wish I could do a better write up for this. But I will have my photos... and I will download these videos and put them onto a memory stick to keep with the program... and I will have my memory. My wonderful, happy memories of this night. I cannot WAIT to see Adam again. I did ponder going again tonight, to be honest. As I left the concert last night I thought "I want to see every single one of the shows." It was spectacular. I might see about going on Saturday, though my chances might be very small there would be any left over tickets on a weekend.

Great show. I dunno... It might be nice if they were do do some more tours at a later date. I will keep my eyes WIDE open for that. And I need to make sure I keep abreast of these situations so that I can try and get a better seat next time. It is so worth it to pay extra for me to be closer. Definitely.

Edit: Here we go. I knew I'd find a set list online.

Set List

Flash (intro)
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Keep Yourself Alive
We Will Rock You (Fast)
Fat Bottomed Girls
Don’t Stop Me Now
Under Pressure (Roger/Adam duet)
I Want It All
… Who Wants To Live Forever
A Kind Of Magic (Roger)
These Are Days Of Our Lives (Roger)
The Show Must Go On (part) (Brian)
Love Of My Life (Brian)
‘39 (Brian)
Dragon Attack
Drum Battle / Guitar Solo
I Want To Break Free
Another One Bites The Dust
Radio Ga Ga
Somebody To Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Bohemian Rhapsody

Tie Your Mother Down (Brian)
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
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(no subject)

I feel like I've had colds back to back. And, well, I have. I just got over one and then came down with a new one. Poor davidoflondon doesn't get a quiet peaceful night due to my... *ahem*... snoring issues with being sick.

This last one was a pretty big doozy. I was so very congested that I even had a few problems being able to breathe through my mouth. Forget my nose. Breathing through my nose has been out of commission since last Thursday. (Actually, today is the first day I have been able to breathe through my nose again.) But I was so super congested... I dunno... my head felt like a vacuum. Anyways. Y'all don't really need to know that.

But I'm finally feeling better. I broke down and got some OTC meds and either they did the trick or it finally ran its course... whatever... end result is the same. I'm finally on the mend.

Dear, darling husband,

I love you! Sorry about the noise interference with your peaceful slumbers.

Your gorgeous wife xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Happy 6th month of us being married! I couldn't love you more. Except I will, tomorrow. And even more the following day.

And speaking of husband... my sweetheart brought me a nice treat last night. I was feeling yucky due to the cold and the meds I had taken for the cold. I was in the office while he was reading in bed. He went downstairs and came back up with a couple of cubes of mature cheddar cheese for both of us. It was just what I needed!
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approximately 49 hours!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I am so, so, so excited. I cannot WAIT to marry my beautiful, darling, beloved, sweetheart, amazing David. Soon I will be his wife and he will be my husband.

My friend Fred has arrived, that's a story in itself... I had to take the Tube to meet him and David estimated it would take about an hour, in fact it took 1.5 hours. Poor Fred was wondering where I was but we found each other. However, I feel bad I wasn't there at the gate waiting for him. Poor guy. But he's a laid back kinda guy so he wasn't really panicking or anything.

:-D My friend Fred is here!!!!! :-D Makes me happy. I'm so happy to see him, have a friend, a familiar face. And to know that I'm worth him coming here for my wedding means a lot to me.

David's sister has arrived too. :-)

(I'm having to rush this entry because of all the details to tie up before the wedding and I have to dash off to meet Fred.)

I had another fangirl experience on Sunday... I met and talked with Boba Fett! Jeremy Bulloch is so very nice, and we did really have a conversation! How neat! :-D I also met Kenny Baker and got an autograph from him. :-D

Okay. My head is spinning. So much to do, wish I had a little more time to write but hey, if this keeps me from being verbose for once in my life that's not a terrible thing. Ha ha.

Gotta go.

I'm marrying my sweetheart, my one true love, the love of my life, my best friend. I'm so happy.
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I believe we have a winner of an idea, courtesy of my beloved. As I said before, we're not partying type people who love lots of alcohol and dancing. Nothing wrong with that but it's just not us.

Yesterday, during lunch with David, he suggested bowling. Which I think sounds like a very good idea. It's something we both like and enjoy and it would be fun. Even if people don't love bowling they probably can still have a little fun, yes? BTW I never did write about how David and I went bowling many weeks ago... it was fun. I, um, beat him. ;-) I'm rusty but I was pleased to break 100 on my second game... I forget what I got exactly now... 119 or something? I can usually get around 150. David really has some awesome power and he accomplished more strikes than I did, but he also hit more gutter balls than I did as well. I only got one strike, I think, and a handful of spares.

ANYWAY. We had a good time that night. So now we're thinking that we'll have the ceremony at 11:30... take some photos after that... then David and I will come to our house and change into different clothes and then meet everyone else at the bowling alley. We'll rent 3 lanes and pay for the rental and the shoes, but not for people's lunches and whatever. If people want a snack they can buy it themselves. I'm already thinking I might have a small order of nachos and a soda. :-)

So I don't know how long that will take... if everyone comes we'll have 13 people there... although that's assuming one person will bring a guest which he may not. So we'll have either 12 or 13 people, including us. That would be 4 to a lane, and we'll bowl two games. We'll probably make it to the bowling alley around 13:00??? David and I really need to go one more time to see just how long it does take to get there and then see how long a game will last, even though it'll just be the two of us. Hmmmm.

Well, I'm getting all tied down in logistics when I don't have to yet. (Although I can't help it, that's how I am.) So after bowling we'll then go back to the house, change back into our wedding attire and grab our overnight stuff, and meet everyone at the hotel for the reception. Preliminary thinking has us guessing the reception will start around 16:00. Then we're guessing dinner might last around 3 hours? AUGH. It's bugging me not to really know but I don't have to right now. The one thing I'm not fond of is the fact that the bowling alley is quite a distance so traveling for that eats up some time in our day. :-(

After the reception David and I will leave for a night in a nice hotel. We were thinking of staying in the honeymoon suite at the same hotel we're having the reception at but we got a look at it on Sunday and it's nothing fancy at all. It's just a basic room that's a little bigger with a four-poster bed. It was really boring. So we're looking for another place to stay and David did a search and found another place that looks nice. It'll be about an hour's drive from us. We'll see. These are little details we'll hammer out over time. Soon.

Back to the point. I really do like his suggestion. It feels so like us. It feels right. Something fun that we will enjoy. :-)

I made a (rather stupid and lame) suggestion that David and I just stay at home for the night and have stuff like chocolate covered strawberries. David said that wasn't a good idea because he just imagined dipping a strawberry into the chocolate to feed to me and at the same time he has to fight off Thal who is trying to eat it and/or stick her head into the chocolate. Then, after hopefully successfully fighting her off, he'll turn to me and Quinnis will be on the other side of me and make a quick move with her fangs and grab the food. Oh my sweetheart love, you do make me laugh. He has a very astute point.

Finally, I want to share a David Story that his mum told me the other night. This is so quintessential David and it's just one of the countless reasons I love him so much.
When he was about 8 years old he wrote a note to his mother, folded it many times and put it on her pillow. It read "Top Secret: Do Not Show Dad". Then as you unfold it more it read "Seriously. Do Not Tell Dad." More unfolding yielded more of the same, "I Mean It. Do Not Tell Dad, This is TOP SECRET." Finally, when the letter was all unfolded the message at the bottom said "Ask Dad to wake me up in the morning."

I love this man more than is humanly possible. He makes my heart and soul burst with happiness and love. I am honoured to know him, love him and be loved by him.
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So exhausted

I love my sweetheart davidoflondon so very, very, very much. He is just incredible and amazing and I am so happy.

Yesterday and today we started working on the house, making it into our home. Nesting. Adding straw and mud and stray cat fur. You know, the usual.

My stuff arrived nearly a week ago (Tuesday, April 19) and I've been staring at the boxes since then. 33 boxes plus my bass guitar. You know what I should've done? Put the "fragile" stickers on the books that way the movers would've kicked the shit out of those boxes instead of the ones with porcelain otter figurines and the like. *eyeroll* It really doesn't matter, I know. They really don't give a crap about my stuff. One box was pretty badly mangled but it only had my sewing machine in it with TONS of packing peanuts so ... frankly if any box would've fared best from that, it would've been that one. Still, we'll see how my machine works.

So I've been unpacking and finding nooks to put my stuff in so we can use the boxes to pack away more stuff. Oh yes. Just when you think you have all the fun you can tolerate... I get to simutaneously unpack my stuff AND then repack books!

Honestly though... I'm touched by this repacking. My beloved has been thinking about how he can make room for my stuff in this house and that entails having to pack up lots of his books and schlep them up into the loft. I'm very grateful by this act, even though he asked "What else did you think was going to happen?" But it really means a lot to me. Really.

I love seeing some of my stuff out and about now. We put my Titanic ship above one of the fireplace mantles. It looks lovely. We're figuring out where my millions of stuffed animals, mostly otters and ferrets, will go. We know where my lovely stone/porcelain/etc. collection of animals will go, in the music room. There were shelves of books on two sides of the room and now there is quite a lot of space for my stuff.

Anyways. This is all boring details really and I'm not explaining it very well to begin with. But suffice to say... I'm genuinely happy and touched by all this work David has done for me. How he wants this to be my home as well, OUR home.

I am so sore from all this work. We packed away 11 three foot cubic boxes of books into the loft, which is scary all by itself. I had to grit my teeth to handle being up there to do all this work and coming up and down the ladder. Not fun. My sweetheart worked his gorgeous ass off in the two major book rooms, rearranging and sending the books up to me in a plastic bag. We are both knackered.

Man, there I go again. These details are not that interesting! But as I said, it means everything to me. I love my darling David. He is the best. THE BEST. I love him more than words can ever hope to express. I just want to be with him forever and ever.

We're also working on turning one of the bedrooms into a full-on ferret room. Where the ferrets can be out and about all day long, which will be so great for them.

But I'm so tired now. And sore. So I'll end now. I hope to catch up soon, it's really more than a full time job trying to get settled. I do think about y'all often, really. I miss you. Y'all take care.
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I have it

My engagement ring is currently on my finger. Oh yes, yes it is.

I know, I am awful... I'm not going to post pictures tonight because I am tired... but I had to "document" the day that I received it. It is the MOST GORGEOUS ring I have ever seen. It is beyond perfect, it is everything I have ever wanted. Most of y'all know just how sodding difficult I am with jewellry but this ring is so beyond perfect that there needs to be another increment available to describe it.

Most of all... I love the fact that David picked it out for me, he listened to me and found the perfect ring for me... which is something that is just so incredible about him and leaves me breathless at times because he listens to me and cares and just gets me. I love that it illustrates how perfectly in-tune we are with each other, how we're on the same wavelengths, how we're soul mates and kindred spirits.

Furthermore, I love what the ring symbolizes. Our pledge to each other, to get married and be committed to each other for the rest of our lives. A symbol of our love and affection, our connection and promises to each other.

So details of the day: we had to meet the guy who made the ring for us at lunch and after playing a little phone tag, we found each other and went into a shop to buy sandwiches. Mark presented the box and I gleefully opened it and was stunned by the beauty of the ring. I tried it on and it fit perfectly, in more ways than one. Yes, the size fit perfectly but the nuance of the ring, the essence fit me, Shannon. It was like it was made for me. (Which it literally was!) But I mean... it's just like David... just how we were made for each other, this ring is so perfect for me and it represents David because it is made for me.

Yeah, okay... forgive me... my brain is a little tired and I am really lacking descriptions because I am actually still kinda "speechlessly happy" about this ring and everything it represents.

David and I got back a little while ago from a celebration dinner. The food was excellent... I had a feta and pesto tartlett, and a mushroom burger (think portobello) with goat's cheese and delicious thick cut fries fat chips. Dude... I cannot get chips and fries straight in my head anymore. Well, I can... I instantly think of American chips no matter how hard I try to change my thinking. Anyways. Then I was full but decided to have some chocolate ice cream. David had a goat's cheese and tomato salad, and a burger. He said his food was delicious.

I took one of their business cards for my keepsake scrapbook. :-) To remember our celebratory night, the day I received my ring to complete our engagement. I cannot wait to be Mrs. davidoflondon. I love you, my sweet David, more than words can ever hope to express. xxxxxxxxxxx
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(no subject)

Life is starting to fall into place, settle down as it were, a little bit around here. I should be able to be online a little more and catch up (FINALLY) with y'all soon.

I just wanted to make a post to document something very sweet and special. Today David and I mailed our "Save the Date" cards. :-) We finished the printing and then took a walk to the post office, to get postage stamps for the USA destined cards. Well, actually we dropped the UK bound cards into one box before visiting a post office, then put the USA bound cards into another box after visiting the post office. I now get to smile when I walk past these post boxes in the future. Awwwww. And it was a lovely day, cloudy, overcast, cool. My favourite kind of weather.

Remember when I mentioned getting some prescriptions filled here? Today we popped into that same pharmacy and the person totally remembered me from meeting me once weeks ago and asked how the wedding planning was going. That's awesome customer service right there, wow.

I love my David. We will be getting the ring on Friday. I cannot wait to see it. But all I want is my David, forever.
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Hello World!

Here I am!

I had an uneventful, but long, journey. All my boardings, disembarkings, take-offs and landings went quite nicely though. No problems at all. Just sitting on the plane for 7-8 hours for the transatlantic flight was a pain. Ugh.

I am so completely happy. I cannot believe I live here now. This is it. Here I am. It is amazing. I'm with my David, my darling love of my life David, and just so happy. It's so surreal to be working on changing everything I once knew. I have to get used to new ways of money, traffic, dealing with rubbish--literally, etc. So much!! I'm so excited though.

It was hard to leave the home I knew. I watched the Rocky Mountains in the window for as long as I could while we took off. The stupid plane windows were really low on that flight... my breasts had a great view however. In the second plane from Chicago to London the windows were in a good position. And we flew over Canada so I got to say hello and goodbye to Canada. :-) I watched the sunset over Canada.

This journey was not as difficult as the last one. I'm acclimating more like I expected on the last trip. I know that it was my first time for a lot of things, such as first time on a long transatlantic flight, first time in a new country, etc. But I always felt unbalanced the last time I was here. Disoriented. And I never could really regain my composure. This time... I have barely any jet lag at all. When David and I came home I did take a 2 hour nap... and then we went out to get some stuff... came home and I took another 20 minute nap, and that was it. I was mostly fine the entire day. I fell asleep at night, with David, and awoke this morning with David.

At the Colorado Springs airport I realised "Oh bloody hell" I had packed a whole bunch of toiletries into my carry-on bag. So I went to the restroom and threw out most of it. Which I was very sad to do because everything was new and hardly used. I lamented about this on the phone with David and he tried to cheer me up by saying we'll go out and buy new stuff when I arrive, which is what we did yesterday. I was still upset though, because I said "But I don't know exactly where to find this stuff in England!" But we managed yesterday. There's just two more things I need to find to replace and that will be easy enough. I replaced most of it yesterday. And dear sweetheart David went out and bought me some lotion while I was still on my journey to him... and guess what? He found the exact right stuff I needed!

He met me at the airport with a bottle of water and some pistachios. Awwwwww. What a darling. I love him so much. I'll never forget his smile as I walked out of the international gate at Heathrow. I'll never forget being in his arms. I'll never forget the feeling of "I don't ever have to leave again. I'll never leave from Heathrow without David and I'll never have to leave David." It's so amazing, awesome and surreal. I cannot believe I live here now! With my David!!!

My plans for today are to get ready, probably take a shower, and then mum will be picking me up to take me to a tube station so I can go meet David for lunch. Then I'm going to check out some jewellry stores for my/our rings. :-) David won't be able to be with me the entire time so I'll just browse and make notes of what I really like and show him later. It's going to take me some time, I think, to find the rings I want since I am so damn picky. But he and I both will decide on the final rings.

I cannot believe I live here with my beloved!!!!

I am so happy.